Small Business Spotlight: TJ’s Tire and Auto

Tyler Nolt is no stranger to fixing farm equipment, having grown up on a farm and having spent all of his working life tending to farm vehicle and tire repair. In 2009, at age 17, he started his own business, TJ’s Tire and Auto, and has been going strong ever since.

“As a young boy, I actually thought I wanted to be a mechanic and I believe it’s somewhat because my grandpa was a mechanic, so I had a little bit of it in my blood,” said Nolt. “The tire shop I was working for as a teenager did tractor repair. Two months into it, the tires were more of a demand there than the tractor repairs. My boss discovered that I liked the tires and enjoyed it.”

His passion for the work prompted him into going into business on his own.

“It’s been a long road for me,” said Nolt, who started the business working from his family farm before buying his current location in Unity, WI. “I mainly started out doing farm tires and on-farm service. As it kept going, the demand rose for tires and vehicle repairs and we kept adapting to whatever the demands were.”

Nolt, along with wife, Becky, employs seven full-time employees, doing everything from tires, repairs, service, alignments, brakes, and oil changes. They also do on-farm tire repairs, with help from three on-farm service trucks.

“We do all your basic stuff that goes along with tires, like suspension, alignment,” he said. “We also do quite a bit in the aftermarket with tires and rims for vehicles.”

As an essential business during the Safer At Home Order, Nolt has been working to help keep his customers operating.

“The farmers have to keep working and we’re going to be here for them in the ups and downs as much as possible,” he said. “They are the ones that helped me get my business established and they still have a major part in keeping me in operation.”

Nolt enjoys working with people and the challenges of entrepreneurship, and focuses on customer service.

“We are prompt on farm service and try to be available any time to get right on the job. That is one of our main focuses. When there’s a breakdown, we try to be there ASAP,” he said.

Contact TJ’s Tire and Auto at 715-223-0183 or at

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.