The Importance of Flood Insurance

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Flood Insurance Week

Marshfield (OnFocus) –  This week is Flood Insurance Week, an important reminder to ensure your home is ready in the event of a flood. From an insurance standpoint, homeowner’s policies do not necessarily protect against flood damage, which is why it’s important to talk with an agent about adding coverage.

“Even when something is a ‘flood,’ it typically is not going to be covered under a home insurance policy,” explained Nick Arnoldy, CEO at Marshfield Insurance. “Water that seeps into your foundation or through a basement window is not a coverage situation under most homeowner policies, unfortunately.” (He added that there is a new endorsement that does include flood – learn more here.)

Related to flood insurance is water/sewer backup coverage

“One of our most common claims is sump pump failure and with the proper endorsements, that is a covered loss,” said Arnoldy. “However, it is always a good idea in a heavy rain to keep tabs on your sewer and sump pump system to make sure it’s keeping up.”

Water/Sewer Backup coverage is coverage for property damaged due to water that enters from plumbing through drains or sewer or overflow of a sump pump. It can be used to pay for the water damages caused by the failure of a sump pump, toilet, or a drain system (up to policy limits).

Arnoldy added that just because you have the coverage, it doesn’t mean you should neglect checking a sump pump regularly.

“Sometimes, even with the proper equipment, the rains can overcome the equipment or burn it out. It can lead to a situation that can be stressful,” he said. “Also, make sure gutters are properly attached and positioned and make sure they are cleaned out, windows are closed, and all of that obvious stuff that sometimes we forget because of the day-to-day busyness.”

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