The Dangers of Warming Up Your Vehicle

Protect Yourself From Carbon Monoxide, Vehicle Theft this Winter

A common Wisconsin practice is to allow vehicles to run during the coldest winter months, even when no one is in them. While it is advisable to warm the vehicle enough to clear the windows of frost and snow, there are dangers associated with doing this.

• Running an unlocked vehicle invites some people to not only steal your vehicle, but any valuables you may have inside it as well. We recommend you use a second set of keys or keyless entry (if equipped) to keep your vehicle secure at all times.
• Poisonous carbon monoxide gases can leak into parked vehicles and affect the driver and passengers without any warning.
• Never leave a vehicle running in a garage. Back completely out and close the garage door. This is the only way to ensure that carbon monoxide does not enter your home.

Motorists are reminded that during the winter months you need to remove snow and frost from your vehicle before driving. This includes brushing the snow away from the windows, headlights, rear taillights, and license plate area. Failure to do this is not only unsafe, but illegal and could result in a citation.

Don’t drive your vehicle until the windshield, side windows, and rear window are snow and frost free so that you have a clear view of the road. Your own child, friend, or relative may be the person you fail to see if your car windows are not clear.


-Originally published by Marshfield Police Department. Used with permission. 

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