Taylor County Humane Society Fundraising for Dog in Need of Surgery

Bud, Photos courtesy of TCHS

Bud Needs $4,000 ACL Surgeries

TAYLOR COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – Bud arrived at Taylor County Humane Society along with five other dogs from Texas a few weeks ago.

“The first thing we noticed about him, other than his sweet disposition, was that he moved as though he was in a lot of pain,” TCHS said in a statement.

After a vet visit where he had x-rays and blood work done, the vets said he had been hit by a car in the past but had not received any medical treatment. Bud will require two ACL surgeries (both hind legs) to repair the injuries he received.

“He is only 5 years-old and we think he deserves to have the second half of his life be in a loving home and without pain,” they wrote. “Bud’s surgery is around $4,000.00, so we are putting out an appeal to our followers to help us raise the funds necessary for Bud to receive his surgery. People have let him down in the past but we will not.”

Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made online (hit the donate button), or send a check to TCHS, PO Box 1, Medford, WI 54451.

“As always, we thank you for your loyalty and support,” they said.

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