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Fish Kill in Upper Pond Could Have Multiple Causes

Rainy Conditions Could be Factor Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Walkers along Wildwood Park’s Upper Pond have noticed a large number of dead fish along the shore. “We...

Cougar Exhibit and Welcome Center to Begin Construction

High Bids Lead to Project Cutbacks Wildwood Zoo’s cougars will soon have a new home. Construction for the cougar exhibit and welcome center at Wildwood Zoo...

Monarch Butterfly Exhibit Coming to Wildwood Zoo

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A new monarch butterfly exhibit is set to open this June at Wildwood Zoo. Melissa and James Gwiazda, along with their two...

Cougar Exhibit and Welcome Center to See Completion Next Summer

Fundraising for the Cougar Exhibit and Welcome Center to be built at Wildwood Zoo is nearing completion. A total of $700,000 has been committed toward...

Rotary Winter Wonderland Celebrates Record-Breaking Opening Weekend

Annual Lights Show Collects 7,500 Food Pantry Items in First Three Days Rotary Winter Wonderland celebrated a record-breaking opening weekend this year. The annual lights...
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