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Melting Snow Clogs City Culverts

Last week’s freezing temperatures turned to a thaw over the weekend, causing snow melt to clog culverts and flood ditches in certain areas to...

City Services Respond to Freezing Temperatures

An arctic blast has swept over Marshfield with a fluctuating wind chill reaching -55 degrees on Wednesday. While the cold has caused schools and...

City Works to Clear Roads, Respond to Accidents after Winter Storm

As Sunday night’s snowstorm swept over Marshfield, the Street Department was out early to tackle roads. “Staff usually sees these events coming ahead and starts...

City Recognizes Employee Milestones

  City of Marshfield Communicates OnFocus - The Marshfield Common Council recognized one long-term employee who is retiring and three who reached milestones. Hugh Nikolai retired...

Meet the New Street Superintendent

Dean Schiller Celebrates First Week as Street Superintendent New Street Superintendent Dean Schiller officially started in his role on March 1, filling the vacancy left...

City of Marshfield Street Division Assists Residents Before Snow Event

Sand Available at Crossing Guard Intersections On the verge of yet another inclement weather forecast, maintaining safe sidewalks and pedestrian ramps can be a very...
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