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scott with smallmouth bass

Thankful Outdoors: Is Scott Bigfoot?

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) - This summer, I have spent a lot more time in the rivers fishing, and when I say in the rivers...
canoe on Wisconsin River

Thankful Outdoors: Canoeing the Wisconsin River

MERRILL, WI (OnFocus) - Saturday morning started at 4 am; as I went downstairs to start the coffee, I found my oldest son had...

Thankful Outdoors: A Tribute to Dad

OnFocus - The outdoors have been put on the back burner for this week. It has felt like a burner all week, and the...

Thankful Outdoors: Camping on Memorial Day Weekend

OnFocus - The big weekend to kick summer off is almost here! Did you miss out on the camping trend last year? Don’t let...
fishing collage

Thankful Outdoors: Opening Fishing Weekend

This year, I found myself not taking the boat out of the driveway for the opening day of the fishing season. Instead, I would...

Thankful Outdoors: Turtle Flambeau Flowage a Unique Camping Experience

For Marshfield (OnFocus) by Scott Hopperdietzel - Thankful Outdoors: Outdoor Journal Week of July 26th through August 2nd July 31st – Turtle Flambeau Flowage unique...
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