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Local Funeral Home Adapts During Pandemic

Remb's Funeral Home Brings Comfort Amid COVID-19 As COVID-19 continues to create challenges for businesses throughout the nation and state, one local funeral home is...

Rembs Funeral Homes: All the Help You Need When the Difficult Time Comes

Business Profile: Rembs Funeral Home Funerals and death are two topics that are not enjoyable to talk or think about. Rembs Funeral Home is here...

Local Funeral Home Owners Pay Tribute to Marshfield’s Historic Individuals

Greg and Tami Jackan a Staple of Marshfield Cemetery Tours Greg and Tami Jackan, owners of Remb's Funeral Home in Marshfield, have decades of professional...

Rembs Funeral Homes: Make a Difficult Time Easier by Planning Ahead

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) “When my mother passed away from cancer at our home last year, it was hard on all of us here at...
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