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Meet the School Board Candidate: Karen Shulman

Meet Karen Shulman All candidates for School Board were asked the following questions by FOCUS, Hub City Times, and WDLB. Watch to hear their answers. Why...

Statement of Candidacy – Submitted by S.A.M. Steiner

S.A.M. Steiner Statement of Candidacy OnFOCUS submission - Community, communication, collaboration. I am S.A.M. Steiner and I would like to serve on the Marshfield School Board....

Statement of Candidacy – Submitted by Karen Shulman

Karen Shulman Statement of Candidacy OnFOCUS submission - My name is Karen Shulman, I have been a family doctor with the Marshfield Clinic for 20 years...

Results Show Close Primary Race for Marshfield Mayor

FOCUS Examines Implications of Tight Marshfield Mayoral Race OnFocus - During Tuesday's primary election, 1823 citizens in Marshfield cast their vote for a mayoral candidate....

Where do I vote this Spring?

It's election time! Here on FOCUS, we've been bringing you election interviews and highlights. Be sure to check out the ELECTION HEADQUARTERS for information on...
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