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City of Marshfield to Host Open House Regarding Walking and Biking System

Submitted to OnFocus - The City of Marshfield is developing a bicycle and pedestrian plan with the primary emphasis focusing on improving the city’s bicycle...

Chat with the Police Chief: Bicycle Safety and Rules

In this episode of Chat with the Chief, Police Chief Rick Gramza addresses bicycle safety. Learn more about: -A recent bicycle/vehicle collision -Traffic rules for bicyclists -Road...

Residents Encouraged to Register Bicycles

During the course of the year, the police department recovers numerous abandoned and stolen bicycles. If the bicycle is registered, owners can be located...

Memorial Bike Ride Honors Victim of Distracted Driving

Donna David Memorial Bike Ride Participants Urge Attentive Driving Donna David, age 52, died tragically on July 13, 2015 after being struck by a vehicle while...
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