Student Archers Compete at NASP Tournament in Marshfield

NASP archery tournament

(OnFocus) The 8th Annual National Archery in the Schools (NASP) tournament took place Feb. 28-29 at the Marshfield Mall.

The Stratford NASP Archery Club and Eau Pleine Outdoors Club hosted the event, drawing 475 archers in grades 4-12 from 41 schools around the state to compete in the Bullseye and 3D tournament.

At the competition, each participant shoots one practice round at 10 meters followed by 3 rounds, repeated at 15 meters. A perfect score is 300, which has yet to be accomplished in the state.

The Stratford club has 60 participants and is open to all Stratford students, including those who are home-schooled. There were also teams from Marshfield, Auburndale, and Medford at the tournament.

Individuals can place from 1st to 5th place by division and gender. Teams can place 1st to 3rd place by division.

At the tournament, archers follow a regimented process and release their arrows on whistle commands. These precautions, coupled with the safety measures taught to the youngest archers from the start of their training, means there has never been an accident or injury at the Marshfield event, said Mindy Slominski, Stratford club administrator.

Archery is a sport that individuals can excel in even if they aren’t naturals at organized sports like football or basketball.

“What’s awesome is that every individual gets to shoot. There’s nobody sitting on a bench, Every kid’s score matters,” said Slominski. The camaraderie between the different schools and archers is neat to see, she added.

From Stratford, Derek Wiese placed 1st out of 115 for middle school boys, scoring 290. Garrett Drexler placed 5th, scoring 277. Alexzandria Stargardt placed 4th out of 84 for middle school girls, scoring 275. One Stratford middle school team placed 3rd out of 8 teams, scoring 3189.

Marshfield Middle School’s Kallen Steinbach placed 4th out of 115, scoring 279. Daniel Gauerke of Marshfield High School ranked 7th out of 78 for high school boys, with 282 points.

The highest scorer from Auburndale was Autumn Richardson, who placed 13th out of 92 for high school girls, scoring 276.

At Medford, Wyatt Meyer placed 3rd out of 55 for elementary school boys, scoring 256. Jenna Wickersheim ranked 1st out of 84 for middle school girls, scoring 291, and Hailey Reilly came in at 2nd place out of 84, with 281 points. Aidan Ball placed 3rd out of 115 for middle school boys, scoring 279. Medford Area Middle School placed 1st out of 8 total teams, scoring 3218.

From Medford High School, Kirsten Weix placed 2nd out of 92 for high school girls, with 288 points.

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