Strohman Park – A Living Legacy

A Daughter Remembers Her Dad

January of 1981, Lisa Strohman-Schutz was 14 years old. Her family had just come back from a great family vacation. The next day, her mom and her took her dad Marvin Strohman to work. Lt. Marvin Strohman died later that day in the line of duty at the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

Marvin’s legacy and heroism live in Marshfield at the Strohman Park located next to City Hall at the corner of Central Ave and 6th Street. It also honors other local firefighters who have paid their service.

“First and foremost, it’s not only for my dad but all the other fireman who have retired in this community,” she said.

Her father’s co-workers were persistent in forming a memorial, especially since her father was the only fallen hero in Marshfield. The park was dedicated in 1992, a memorable event attended by community leaders, area civic bands, and an overwhelming number of people.

Strohman Park has been in the community for nearly 30 years. With the potential sale of City Hall, its future is unknown.

OnFocus is asking the questions not being discussed in the open to learn about the potential future of Strohman Park. Join us in this series as we remember Lt. Strohman and all the brave members of the Marshfield Fire & Rescue.



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