Street Division Addresses Water Flow After Heavy Rain

Street Division employees clear clogged grates, Sept. 11, 2019. TriMedia photo.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The Street Division was hard at work on Sept. 11 helping ease flooded areas caused by clogged debris.

One of those areas was N. Galvin Ave. The catch basins on the east side of the road become clogged after heavy rain washes down the mowed grass, said Kurt Bornbach, Assistant Street Superintendent.

Using a mini excavator, the crew lifted the grates between Fillmore Ave. and Meadowbrook Drive and removed the debris to improve the water flow. Once the water lowered, the grates on the west side of the road could be cleared off by hand. The crew moved on to Peach Ave. and Ives Street to clear a storm sewer of dead wood using the excavator.

The Street Division monitors problem areas during periods of heavy rain. “They’re always the same corners every time,” said Bornbach. “You know where you’ve got to go.”

Traffic Alert: Flooding on N. Oak Ave.

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