Stratford Man Takes Plea Deal in McMillan Murder Case

Jared Carl, Shawn Carl, Audrey Benson / Photo Courtesy Marathon County Jail

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Jared Carl, 20 of Stratford, pled guilty to the killing of Christian Schauer in December of 2020 but three other charges were considered dismissed and read in on Tuesday.

Carl initially told investigators that his dad, Shawn, shot Schauer. It was later learned by investigators that Jared did in fact shoot Carl and charges were assessed accordingly.

The guilty plea is a Class A Felony in Wisconsin and could carry a life sentence in prison. Carl will next appear in court in April for his sentencing hearing.

Shawn Carl was charged with harboring/aiding a felon/falsifying information (Felony G) and resisting or obstructing an officer (Misd A). Bond was set at $50,000. He pled not guilty in April of 2021.

A third party, Audrey Benson, is being charged with being a party to the First Degree Intentional Homicide as well as Hiding a Corpse and two counts of obstructing an officer. She pled not guilty to all charges is scheduled to appear in front of a jury in February.

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