Stoney River Seniors Roll Up their Sleeves for COVID-19 Vaccine

Stoney River Marshfield residents celebrated getting vaccinated.

Submitted to OnFocus – Since last March, Stoney River assisted living and memory support residents, like so many other seniors across the country, have sheltered in place, while the senior living community’s team adapted nearly every aspect of care delivery in the wake of COVID-19.

Today relief is in sight as Stoney River residents and team members are rolling up their sleeves to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at on-site vaccine clinics hosted by Walgreens for themselves and the ones they love.

Stoney River Marshfield Executive Director Sarah Krenn rolled up her sleeve to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I am happy to get the vaccine, because I’m looking forward to going to Arizona to visit my little grandniece and grandnephew, who are three and four years old,” said Stoney River resident Mary Lou Kirsch. “I also hope that getting vaccinated will allow us all to get back to normal.  I can’t wait to play sheepshead again with my Stoney River neighbors!”

Fellow resident, Nancy Wieland, also looks forward to returning to all the social activities she enjoys best at Stoney River.

“I am in favor of the vaccine and will be sure to get it, so we can get back to family visits, playing bingo and everyone’s favorite—Happy Hours with live music!” said Nancy.

Stoney River’s concierge, Betty Muehlbauer, is dreaming of better days ahead.

“I want to open the doors of our community and welcome back our residents’ loved ones who have missed them so much,” said Betty, adding that she looks forward to a day when she no longer worries about friends and family getting sick, kids return to school and people who disagree about how to manage the coronavirus find peace. “After months of living in through the pandemic getting the vaccine is like a dream,” she said.

Stoney River Marshfield offers assisted living, located at 1204 W. McMillan Street, Marshfield, WI and memory support, located down the street at 1609 W. St. Joseph Ave. Residents live full and engaged lives among a community of peers and with the support needed to live as independently as possible while enjoying the award-winning VIVA! lifestyle that enhances lives, inspires joy and fosters purpose.  For more information, visit or call 715-502-3334.

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