Sprinkler Head Breaks, MFRD Dispatched

Marshfield, WI | At 3:14 pm on Saturday afternoon Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to the 600 block of south Central Ave for a water flow fire alarm.

Deputy Chief Troy Weiland said, “Upon arrival [we] found a sprinkler head that had broken off and was dispersing water.  The water was diverted, and the main valve closed to stop the flow of water.”

Engine 1 and 2 along with Car 7 responded to the call. Crews worked on the scene for nearly an hour cleaning up the water inside the building structure.

DC Weiland said as the weather warms, citizens should be aware of slippery ice conditions. Furnaces have been working hard so remember to change your furnace air filters for optimal performance.

Property owners throughout the area should ensure adequate heat supply to prevent freezing and pipe burst. DC Weiland said, “Having shut off locations labeled for quick reference and access can help speed up the process of getting the water turned off quickly.”

Solutionz, a property management company, is assisting the property owners with damage assessment and clean-up.