Spring Election Results 2017

Below are the full election results for contested races in our area:

Marshfield Board of Education (vote for two)
Dorthy J Chaney 1799
Ruwan Dissanyake 1708
Mark Konrardy 1839
Keith E Pugh 822

Marshfield City Council District 4
Ken Bargander 105
Gordon H. Earll 194

Arpin Village President
Kevin Albrecht 36
Jack Esser 30

Town of Auburndale Supervisor 1
Richard Austin 47
Curtis J. Tuttle 38

Town of Auburndale Supervisor 2
Steven F. Seidl 44
Donald R. Cherney 40

Town of Cary Chairperson
Nancy Benner Young 20
James C. Patrick 52

Town of Lincoln Supervisor 1
Leonard Johnson 88
Denise Maring-Sonnermann 66

Town of Richfield Supervisor 1
Walter Schroeder 225
Darwin J. Kasner 132

Town or Richfield Supervisor 2
Chris McDaniel 244
Robert Marx 107

Town or Richfield Clerk
Famina E. Marx 95
Rizah Draeger 256

Town of Day Chairperson
Michael Berdan 130
Kevin Gene Schmidtke 59

Town of McMillan Chairperson
Carolyn Opitz 214
Robert Wagner 169

Town of McMillan Supervisor (Vote for two)
Kevin Steines 207
David L Swenson 186
Russ Weichelt 178
Joseph Burger 140

Town of Eau Plaine Clerk
Cheryl Vick 31
Susan Landwehr 67

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