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Spencer School Board Postpones Approval of Dome Construction Bids

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Spencer (OnFocus) – At Monday night’s meeting, the Spencer School District postponed the approved of the bids for Monolithic Concrete Dome design and build. This would have been the next step in the construction of a new dome, which was approved by referendum in April.

There was three companies that submitted bids for the project. Out of the three bids, only two of the companies had complete bids that modeled the dome build-design. In the three bids, it was made clear to Board members that not all the information in the bids was “apples to apples.”

A motion passed 5-0 to table the approval of the bids.

A meeting is tentatively set for Monday August 10th at 4 pm to reward the bid.

As part of the project, the district will be:

  • renovating the school building to improve safety and security;
  • maintaining, upgrading and equipping facilities; and
  • constructing and equipping an addition to the school building for education, music and athletics.

The dome will house an expanded gym, updated wellness center, and modernized wrestling room, and will also serve as a tornado shelter rated to provide protection from an EF5 tornado.

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