Special Church Service Helps Those Who Feel Blue Around Christmas

To many people, Christmas might not feel like the joyous occasion it’s meant to be. For those who struggle around the holidays, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Spencer holds a special Blue Christmas service every year.

“While Christmas is a time of great festivity and joy for the majority of people, it can be particularly difficult for people who may be grieving a loss, for those who are living alone, struggling with marriage issues, job losses, life changes etc., or those who have painful associations with this time of the year,” said Jenny Nieman, Secretary & Faith Development Director.

The service is a time for remembrance and sharing those hurting places with God with special music, scripture readings, reflection, and healing prayer. “It’s a more contemplative service that offers space to remember and acknowledge loss in the midst in the festive season,” Nieman said.

Everyone who has a tough time around Christmas for any reason is invited to attend the service on December 16 at 4pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Spencer. Refreshments will be served.

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