SPASH Releases Students Early Due to Anonymous Threats

The Stevens Point Area Senior High released students early on Friday after a staff member found additional anonymous school threats on bathroom stalls.

“Due to extreme caution and prudence SPASH will early release at 10:21 a.m.,” the district stated on its website. “There is no indication that there are threats at any other school, however we have requested increased police presence at all schools.

“Parents may pick up students from schools as they feel appropriate. We recognize the frustration and will be sending additional information and communication later today.”


School was cancelled at Ben Franklin Junior High School on Friday after threats were found on a bathroom stall Thursday morning. The threat specified the date 12/13/19.

The District informed staff and families of the incident. During a locker check and facility inspection Thursday evening, an additional threat was found on a girl’s bathroom stall which referenced the threat from earlier in the day.

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