Snow Removal Service Can Ease Winter Burden

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OnFocus – In Wisconsin, snow is inevitable. Enlisting the help of a professional snow removal service can remove the burden of hours spent shoveling or snow-blowing, as well as provide other less obvious perks.

“Most people enlist the help of a professional service because they want to save time, but there are periphery benefits, too,” said Jeff Barth, owner of Beaver Creek in Marshfield. “When you hire a professional snow removal company we will get your property cleared quickly and effectively, ensuring you have a safe path to drive and walk.”

Professionals are also less likely to cause damage to property, including grassy areas, driveways, and walkways.

“Our company also specializes in lawn care and landscaping, so preserving these features in the wintertime is second nature to us when we are there snow-blowing,” said Barth. “The last thing you want after a long winter is a damaged yard or excessive potholes. Professionals can help prevent that.”

Along with having professional snow removal equipment, having a company complete snow and ice removal can also help with liability issues.

“Professionals document when and where they worked, so if there is ever a legal issue such as with slip and fall, you will have corroboration that the work was done,” said Barth. “When you hire a professional, you also don’t have the stress of worrying about having to do it yourself, getting up super early before work to shovel yourself out.”

Professional services also remove some stress on those who just had surgery or are headed on vacation and need temporary help, or for those that travel south for the winter.

Snow can be a hassle, but with professional help, it can be more manageable.

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