Sixth Positive Coronavirus Confirmed in Clark County

The Clark County Health Department (CCHD) is confirming that there is now a sixth positive case of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Clark County. This individual has been linked as having had close contact with four of Clark County’s five other positive cases. The CCHD has conducted an investigation of the newly identified case and has followed-up with others with whom this individual had close contact.

“Over the past few weeks, we have had one instance of COVID-19 that was community spread—meaning that we couldn’t pinpoint who or where the individual got sick from. Our five other cases, however, had all been in close contact with one another at one point. This is why social distancing and following Governor Evers’ Safer At Home Order is so incredibly important. The order was put into place to help protect the public and limit the spread of the disease,” said Brittany Mews, Clark County Health Department Director/Health Officer.

It is more important than ever that individuals do not go into public places for anything but the essentials—such as groceries, medicine, gas, and other items needed to maintain a safe home. Shopping trips should be limited to once per week or less and should be done by only one person in the household; entire families should not be out shopping together (if practical). Individuals should also limit their time inside stores, practice social distancing (by maintaining 6 feet or more from other people), and hand wash/sanitize after shopping.

Essential travel includes leaving the home only to: purchase essential supplies; seek health care; purchase medical supplies or prescriptions; travel to an essential workplace; or travel to care for a child, dependent, or elderly person.

“COVID-19 is incredibly contagious. To put things into perspective, I would like to remind the public that Wuhan, China [where Coronavirus originated] is over 7,000 miles away from Clark County. The very first confirmed case of COVID-19 was in mid-November, 2019 in Wuhan.

In less than 130 days, COVID-19 made its way across entire oceans and continents, and into our backyards. We would be incredibly naïve to think that the virus is going to stop traveling now. We need to do something about it. This is where staying home and social distancing comes in. At this point, it truly does not matter where our positive cases are located in Clark County.

If the virus can travel 7,000 miles from China, it can easily travel 60 more miles across the county. People should be practicing social distancing regardless,” added Rebecca Greisen, Health Educator.

Going forward, the CCHD will no longer be doing a press release when each new case is identified. Case counts in Clark County will be updated on the Health Department’s Facebook page and on the Clark County website.

For additional updates and resources, residents are encouraged to monitor the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and CDC websites for the latest information and guidance.

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