Custom Signs Line High School Sidewalk to Honor Seniors

Premier Printing Senior Site Signs
Signs along Becker Rd in Marshfield

Nearly 300 signs currently border the sidewalk around Marshfield High School, honoring graduating seniors. An effort spearheaded by MHS Counselors Renae Guldan and Jane Loll, the signs are a way to celebrate the Class of 2020 during a time in which they would typically be planning for a graduation ceremony.

“The high school counselors saw that other school districts were recognizing the Class of 2020 and wanted to do something for ours at MHS,” said Loll. “We realize that having their final year of high school end this way has been hard for seniors and their families. We are very proud of them and wanted them to know it.”

Loll and Guldan worked with local print shop, Premier Printing, to produce the signs.

“They reached out to us and said they wanted to do something for all of the seniors,” said Lindsey Rasmussen, co-owner at Premier. “It was a quick turnaround and we weren’t sure if we’d have enough time before Thursday’s cap and gown pickup event, but we made it happen!”

With just five business days to turn around 285 signs, each one custom-made to feature a different student, Premier staff worked overnight and into the early hours of the morning on that first day to set up the artwork for each sign and prepare them for print.

Premier also printed three large banners that were hung throughout town. An anonymous donor paid for the order, with Premier also contributing towards the design costs.

“It’s really cool to see all the signs lined up,” said Rasmussen. “What a great way to honor this year’s seniors. We’re really happy that we could be a part of this awesome idea!”

“We had some parents and students in tears at the cap and gown drive through, and many expressions of gratitude,” said Loll. “We view that as a success.”

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.