Sidewalk Chalk Art Brings Hope to Local Neighborhood

chalk drawing
Chalk drawings on 17th Street by Ali and Walter

As more people are being ordered to stay at home, many are turning to regular (socially distant) walks around the neighborhood simply to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

One local mom and her son are helping brighten these walks with sidewalk chalk art.

“My son, Walter, and I made the drawings,” said Ali Meyer. “He is 3, and, while he doesn’t go to school yet, we are practicing social distancing. So we stay home every day. I wanted to do something that could make someone smile.”


With inspirational messages like “It’s going to be alright” and “After the rain comes a rainbow,” the art has brought hope to people in her 17th Street neighborhood.

“This is an especially stressful time for everyone and I thought that maybe some of the people that saw these would have a brief moment where they smiled and felt some joy or hope,” she said. “I would encourage other families to do this for just that reason – to make someone else smile. In such uncertain times, we have to take care of each other. When you have the chance to make someone else happy, take it.”

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Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.