Shield of Strohman Helmet Returned to Family After 40 Years

Courtesy of the Strohman Family on Facebook.

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – After more than 40 years, a shield of fallen Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department member Lt. Marvin Strohman has been found and is being returned to the Strohman family.

On January 4, 1981, Strohman, who lends his name to Strohman Park downtown, died in the line of duty.

He collapsed in the basement of what was then the Clinique Lounge in the 500 block of South Central Ave while carrying an empty fire extinguisher up from the basement.

The shield gracing his helmet was lost during the incident and was not found again until 40 years later. The Strohman family was contacted by a woman whose brother was at a rummage sale in Appleton. The brother of the woman recognized the Marshfield Fire and Rescue insignia and the last name “Strohman,” googled it to make sure the significance of the shield was true and purchased the shield.

On Monday, the woman contacted Lisa Schutz (Strohman), the daughter of Marvin Strohman via Facebook Messenger.

“I was in complete shock and wondering,” Schutz said. “We have been looking for this for so many years. It’s hard for me understand how it got to Appleton after all of this time.”

Schutz said finding the shield gives the family a little bit of closure after all this time.

“After all these years, it’s a sign, that everything is OK,” Schutz said. “He is OK. It’s so wonderful that we have his shield.”

The family has plans to put the shield on display for the community to see, however is unsure at this time what this entails.

A Marshfield native, Strohman graduation from Marshfield Senior High School in 1948 and worked for Weinbrenner Shoe Company and MHS before joining the fire department in 1959. He was promoted to lieutenant on October 28, 1972.

Strohman Park was commissioned in 1992 in honor of the fallen firefighter and the sacrifice he made to help protect the city.

Marvin’s legacy and heroism live through the park located next to City Hall at the corner of Central Ave and 6th Street. It also honors other local firefighters who have paid their service.

Strohman’s co-workers were persistent in forming a memorial, especially since her father was the only fallen hero in Marshfield. The park was dedicated in 1992, a memorable event attended by community leaders, area civic bands, and an overwhelming number of people.

Now, after the firefighter’s shield which has been missing for 40 years has been found, the family is looking for answers.

If you have any information as to where the shield was or how it got to Appleton, you can message Strohman Park on Facebook.

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