Shawn Becker Elected Wood County Sheriff

Fb/Shawn Becker

Wood County has a new Sheriff, with Republican Shawn Becker winning 19,159 votes compared to Democrat John Hiller’s 13,445.

“We’re happy. All the hard work paid off,” said Becker in an exclusive phone interview with OnFocus. “From the moment we announced that we were going to get in this race, all that hard work paid off.”

Becker was proud of the nature of his campaign, which focused on the issues rather than the personal attacks sometimes found in politics.

“We ran a positive campaign. That was something that we from the get-go said we were going to do – stick to the issues and talk about qualifications and move forward with the department,” he said.

Becker thanked the voters, supporters, and his family.

“This wasn’t all about me,” he said. “It’s about the idea of moving forward, moving the department forward.”

Becker also thanked opponent John Hiller, calling him a “great person and a great friend.”

“I have a lot of respect for him,” he said.


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