Severt’s Fine Foods in Stratford to Close

Severt's Fine Foods

Stratford, WI (OnFocus) Severt’s Fine Foods will close on Feb. 29, stated owner Mike Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald and wife Jackie took over the Stratford restaurant known for its broasted chicken in 2013, carrying on the business that began as Severt’s Diner in 1970 under Mike’s grandmother and later continued under his aunt and uncle.

The decision to close was driven partly by the “phenomenal” success of his new restaurant, Redwood Supper Club in Unity, which he reopened last November.

“When that place closed down I knew the potential,” he said. “Being that I lived in the area, that place always had excellent business.”

Severt’s Fine Foods

Additionally, Fitzgerald travels to fairs and festivals around the state in a food trailer. The time-consuming nature of the two ventures and the difficulty of finding reliable help to run the Stratford location in his absence forced the issue of closure.

“I thought I could handle it. It’s getting to be too much already,” he said. “I can’t be in three places at once.”

He said Severt’s Fine Foods was the start of his success and he believes firmly in the continued potential of the location. As he looks to sell the building, Fitzgerald is committed to finding a new owner who would start up a new restaurant at the location.

“That’s what this place needs is a change of hands to bring it back to life again,” he said. “Stratford needs a restaurant, and that’s what I’m going to be aiming for.”

Severt’s Fine Foods will be open daily through the end of the month at 104 W. Meadow Street in downtown Stratford.

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