School Board Policies Available Online

District Policies Accessible Online

In an effort to implement an efficient way for everyone to access and archive all School Board related documents, the School District of Marshfield now has all of its governing policies in a searchable online format.

For those seeking more information on School Operations, Property Use, Privacy,
Students, Employee Relations or anything District related, there is an easy way to reference the District’s policies on its new BoardDocs website. (This is the same site used for posting Board of Education agendas and meeting minutes.)

“The searchable format BoardDocs offers to not only the Board and staff members, but community members as well, an easy way for all stakeholders to access District policies related to content pertaining to a specific interest or question,” said Krystal Bowman, Communication Specialist for the district.

To access, simply click the “Policies” tab on the top of the School District website, next to “Meetings.” Access to the site is also available by visiting the District website: click District > Board of Education > Board Policies.

“Policies have always been posted on the District website in the form of pdf, however it was often time consuming and cumbersome trying to find the applicable policy,” added Bowman. “With BoardDocs, the information is kept in one space, changes are made in one platform and the platform allows individuals to search for information.”

Click here to access policies on the School District website.


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