Sasquatch Surprises Drivers Near Stratford

OnFocus – Travelers on County Highway C near Stratford were surprised recently by the appearance of what appears to be Sasquatch*! OnFocus was able to capture an image of the mystical beast during a recent country drive.

“My family and others enjoy seeing him,” said one nearby resident. “He walks amidst a stand of birch trees. Quite marvelous!”

To see Sasquatch with your own eyes, travel on HWY C just off HWY 97. Go east 1/2 mile and look right just before River Road. Be sure to view from the safety of the road.


A brighter look:

* Yes, this is a lighthearted piece. Please don’t be fearful as Sasquatch is not real, but rather a copper cutout. Please don’t trespass on this property, but view the beast from the road.

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