Ryan Krueger to Sign Letter of Intent for Duluth

Ryan Krueger, Marshfield High School athlete, will sign a Letter of Intent this month to play football for University of Minnesota – Duluth.

“I chose Duluth because I wanted a place that would make me a better person and a better athlete, and most of all, a better student,” he said. Other possibilities were UW-La Crosse and St. Thomas, both of which he felt were good choices.

His position with the Bulldogs will be the J-Back, a moving tight end position. He’ll be running the ball, blocking, and going out on pass routes. The punter position is also in the cards.

“I feel like the better people I have around me, the better football player I’ll become, so that’s why I chose to go there,” Krueger explained. “Better teammates push you to become a better player.”

Through the university’s 4+1 integrated MBA program, he will spend five years majoring in Business Management and earning a Master’s degree.

As quarterback and punter for the Marshfield Tigers, Krueger’s best memory of the 2018 season is the Level 3 playoff game when the team won a thrilling victory 32-29 against Pulaski. The win was especially sweet to fans since it was also the last game at Beell Stadium.

“Our offense worked super good together – we scored on all but two drives I think,” he said. “We won it with three seconds left, and it was just a phenomenal game. Our defense played great.

“Something I see made us go as far as we did was just our senior class. I feel like ever since we’ve been freshman, we’ve been in the weight room. We worked super hard, and not only that, we’re super good friends – we never fought or anything,” said Krueger. “I feel like that made us rise above our competitors because we all loved playing with each other and never got made at each other or frustrated. We kept on competing as a team.”

He gives a special shout-out to the phenomenal performance of the defense, which helped secure victory more than once.

Krueger also plays hockey and will play baseball again this spring. Once officially accepted at the university, he will sign his Letter of Intent.

Coffren’s field goal on final play lifts Marshfield past Pulaski in thrilling WIAA Division 2 Level 3 football playoff