Highway Department Expresses Support for Roundabout at Wood County Intersection

wood county roundabout
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WOOD COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – Wood County Highway Department has expressed their support to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WISDOT) to review the intersection of WIS 80/73 and CTH A and consider a roundabout at that location (by Pittsville).

According to the letter, residents have contacted the Highway Department and numerous County Board Supervisors to share concerns that a 4-way stop would not be as effective because drivers are currently used to a 2-way stop. Along with safety concerns, a 4-way stop could also cause traffic backups.

“These residents would be more comfortable with a roundabout which would allow for traffic to continue to flow with less backups,” they stated.

At this time, WISDOT and Wood County Highway are investigating a jurisdictional transfer of CTH A to WISDOT. If CTH A were to be transferred to the State, a roundabout at this location “would be a better option,” they said.

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