Rotary Winter Wonderland Co-Chairs Announced

Longtime Rotary Members Work Behind Scenes

OnFocus – Two of Rotary Winter Wonderland’s hardest working volunteers will lead the 2018 Holiday lights display. Phil Phillips and John Wing have agreed to Co-Chair the 2018 edition of Rotary Winter Wonderland.

Phil and John are long time members of Marshfield Sunrise Rotary. They were both instrumental in the early years of the project, and they continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes to build our display. Phil enjoys the community-wide volunteer support.

“I marvel at the volunteers from all ages who come together to serve our community, especially the youth groups,” he said. Phil grew up on a farm and credits that experience with preparing him for his role in our project. “I learned to operate equipment and solve problems in my farming days, and those skills have been handy throughout this project.”

John Wing is passionate about the mission of Rotary Wonderland. “I look forward to continuing our efforts to feed the hungry of Central Wisconsin through our work,” he said. “The most gratifying aspect is the involvement of our entire community in making our program a success.”

John and Phil can be found at the zoo putting displays together in the fall and troubleshooting throughout the season. Maintaining a display with over a million light bulbs and miles of electrical cords is a challenging task.

“We are only able to deliver this project through the tireless and selfless work of volunteers such as Phil and John,” said Scott Larson, who leads the Build and Design Committee. “Phil and John’s dedication and support of Rotary Winter Wonderland has been and continues to be invaluable to the success of the event.”

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