Rookie Natalie Decker Makes History

Decker is fourth female to pole at Daytona

Natalie Decker, an Eagle River native, is on her way to becoming the next Danica Patrick. Decker says that her passion for racing began when she was a young child. Her father owns the World Championship Snowmobile Derby track in her hometown, so it’s fitting that her passion is racing.

Decker says that she got into racing more than snowmobiles at age 6 when she discovered go-karts. When she was just 12 she moved on to stock car racing, and has been in love with it ever since. Martin Truex Jr. is one of her biggest inspirations, noting that she struggles in the half-mile races while Truex Jr. handles them with ease. Natalie has big dreams to one day race in the Daytona 500 in Daytona, Florida, and while she’s not there yet, she does have some important accomplishments under her belt; she is the fourth woman in history to pole at the season opening race at Daytona.

Natalie notes that Daytona has a special meaning to her, as it was Danica Patrick’s last NASCAR race and her first. “She’s done so much for females in the sport, and I hope I can do just as much as she did for the sport,” she said.

Not only is Danica Patrick her inspiration, but also someone she knows personally; they’ve been family friends for as long as she can remember. Natalie says that she has a big year ahead – she’s moving to North Carolina to be with her team, racing in the full season, running for the championship, and running for Rookie of the Year.

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