Rocket News: Spencer 4th Graders Starting Lumberjack Unit

Rocket News – We are having a fantastic year. The students are working hard and are making great progress. We want to thank all the parents for their help and support in making this possible. Student learning is a team approach that includes not just the teacher, but the students, the parents, and the community.

In math, we are working hard to learn our new Bridges Math program. Some of it is totally new, and we are SO impressed with the ‘dig in’ attitude of our students. Keep studying those basic math facts (+-x-) It makes a HUGE difference in learning more difficult concepts.

We had our first Accelerated Reader contest of the school year and the students ROCKED it! For the contest, students were invited to work together to earn a class total of 451 AR points by being “rock star” readers. If they met that goal, Mrs. Eckes had to dress like a rock star for a day. The students ended up doubling their score and ended the contest with a class total of 906 points! Due to their awesome efforts, Mrs. Eckes had to dress like a rock star for an entire week! Students and teachers enjoyed joining in the dress up fun!

We soon will be starting our Lumberjack unit which culminates with our annual Lumberjack breakfast. The students will dress like lumberjacks and bring in their handmade tools. When we have completed the Lumberjack unit, we will need to get busy learning about how our government works before our trip to Madison to visit our State Capitol building and the State Historical Society Museum on May 7th.

Please remember to keep donating your cans to our can cage in the Elementary Teacher Parking lot on the south end of the building.

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