Rice Gets Prison Time for Role in Infant Death

Rice and Feher

OnFocus – Allen Rice was convicted in Wood County Court this week for his role in his newborn son’s murder. Rice was sentenced to 8 years WSP, 5 years initial term of confinement and 3 years of extended supervision, with 683 days credit.

The newborn’s mother, Marylinn Feher, is serving life in prison for her role in the murder.

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Rice pleaded guilty to amended charges of moving/hiding/burying the corpse of child (Felony F) and was initially charged with child neglect resulting in death. In exchange for the guilty plea, the charge of obstructing an officer (Misdemeanor A) was dismissed but was considered during his sentencing.

Feher, then 23, and Allen Rice, then 21, of Milladore were arrested on April 6, 2019 after their newborn son was discovered wrapped in towels in a tied garbage bag in the backseat of Rice’s vehicle while Feher sought medical treatment in Marshfield for severe bleeding and denied giving birth to staff. Feher later plead not guilty.

The infant was temporarily revived by emergency medical staff but passed away from his injuries, 16 hours after birth. Feher admitted to strangulation and blunt force trauma. After giving birth, Feher had squeezed the child’s neck and hit his head on the toilet multiple times.

Rice is charged with two counts of child neglect that led to death and three counts of resisting or obstructing an officer, but did not enter a plea. He admitted that the child was in the vehicle the same time as the child was discovered. Until the discovery, Feher did not disclose anything about the child.

Tests confirmed that Feher and Rice were the parents. Both lived with Rice’s father and are not married. There were no complications during birth. Feher specifically denied to Rice that she was pregnant. Rice stated that he never believed the child was alive and that earlier medical attention would have helped.

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