Rhinelander’s Francis Headlines All-Great Northern Conference Girls Swimming Team


Swimmer of the Year: Malia Francis Rhinelander

First Team All-Conference Name School Event
Abishea Winnicki Rhinelander 200yd Medley Relay
Karis Francis
Ellyse Younker
Noelle St. Pierre
Abishea Winnicki Rhinelander 200yd Freestyle
Ellyse Younker Rhinelander 200yd IM
Malia Francis Rhinelander 50yd Freestyle
Karis Francis Rhinelander 100yd Butterfly
Rylee Ahlborn Lakeland 100yd Freestyle
Abishea Winnicki Rhinelander 500yd Freestyle
Malia Francis Rhinelander 200yd Freestyle Relay
Genna Fugle
Karis Francis
Noelle St. Pierre
Malia Francis Rhinelander 100yd Backstroke
Karis Francis Rhinelander 100yd Breaststroke
Abishea Winnicki Rhinelander 400yd Freestyle Relay
Genna Fugle
Ellyse Younker
Malia Francis
Riley Bellendorf Colby/Abbotsford Diving

Second Team All-Conference Name School Event
Maria Heck Rhinelander 200yd Medley Relay
Sam Sundby
Lily Thorsen
Sierra Woodford
Josie Wentland Lakeland 200yd Freestyle
Maria Heck Rhinelander 200yd IM
Noelle St. Pierre Rhinelander 50yd Freestyle
Naomi Hamerla Lakeland 100yd Butterfly
Paige Dekiep Tomahawk 100yd Freestyle
Josie Wentland Lakeland 500yd Freestyle
Brie Wescott Lakeland 200yd Freestyle Relay
Naomi Hamerla
Josie Wentland
Rylee Ahlborn
Naomi Hamerla Lakeland 100yd Backstroke
Sam Sundby Rhinelander 100yd Breaststroke
Brie Wescott Lakeland 400yd Freestyle Relay
Josie Wentland
Naomi Hamerla
Rylee Ahlborn
Hailey Meyer Colby/Abbotsford Diving

Honorable Mention All-Conference Name School Event
Madeline Bunton Ladysmith Co-op 200yd Medley Relay
Michelle Gaddy
Madilyn Kempen
Brooke Lechleitner
Madeline Bunton Ladysmith Co-op 200yd Freestyle
Genna Fugle Rhinelander 200yd IM
Brie Wescott Lakeland 50yd Freestyle
Ellyse Younker Rhinelander 100yd Butterfly
Brie Wescott Lakeland 100yd Freestyle
Madeline Bunton Ladysmith Co-op 500yd Freestyle
Joanna Phillips Tomahawk 200yd Freestyle Relay
Abby Jaecks
Courtney Cecil
Paige Dekiep
Saylor Timmerman Lakeland 100yd Backstroke
Lily Thorsen Rhinelander 100yd Breaststroke
Brooke Lechleitner Ladysmith Co-op 400yd Freestyle Relay
Michelle Gaddy
Sadie Heath
Madeline Bunton


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]