Rescued ‘Dumpster Puppy’ Bleu at Home with MAPS Volunteer Who Watched Him Grow Up

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Rescued Puppy Enjoys the Country Life at New Home

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A year ago, a litter of newborn puppies arrived at Marshfield Area Pet Shelter after being rescued from a trash can.

Michelle Blake, a MAPS volunteer at the time, was present on the day the “dumpster puppies” came briefly to the shelter before they headed to their foster home. Each was tiny enough to hold in her palm.

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Bleu, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter

It wasn’t long before she considered giving one of the puppies a loving home. “Animal welfare is a very huge part of who I am, and adopting a puppy that I watched grow up who was basically everything I stood for and what I was working towards, it just all fit together,” said Blake, a longtime pet shelter volunteer who also worked for one in Minnesota.

Whenever Blake visited the nine puppies, who were christened with cheese names, Bleu was always the first one at the gate. He was more mellow than some of the other puppies, off in a corner by himself while the others played and napping every spare moment.

“I have a lot of pictures of him just clunked out,” Blake noted.

At his new home, Bleu proved to be an easy puppy who was housebroken in days, learned basic commands quickly, and got along well with children and other animals, even Blake’s cat.

“She likes teasing him, and he loves playing with her,” she said.

Today, Bleu is fully enjoying the country life at his home near Oshkosh. Every day when Blake’s husband heads to work at a nearby dairy farm, Bleu loves to tag along and play with the other dogs.

Additionally, Bleu likes swimming, hopping in mud puddles, and taste testing anything that could potentially be edible. If there’s a car, tractor, snowmobile, or boat around, he’s ready to go.

“He lives for rides,” Blake said. “If it moves, he wants to be on it.”

As Bleu continues to learn and grow, he continually reveals something new about himself.

“Every day a new trait comes out, ” Blake said. “A new toy is exciting, or he discovers a new sound, or the TV will make a noise and he’ll watch the TV….He’s got a quirky personality, but it’s always enlightening.”

Reflecting on the events of a year ago, Blake is happy to have been a part of the puppies’ story and to give one a loving home.

“We were very fortunate in getting a puppy because he was such an easy puppy, and it was awesome being there from day one,” said Blake, crediting MAPS for giving the puppies a good upbringing. “It came together to make a very wonderful dog. He’s so much fun and I’m very glad I have him.”

Photos contributed by Michelle Blake.

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