Reports: Fort McCoy Potential Host Site for Afghan Refugees

Courtesy of Fort McCoy on Facebook.

MONROE COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – Refugees from Afghanistan waiting to get into the United States could be relocated to Fort McCoy in Monroe County according to the Pentagon.

After U.S. troops were evacuated at the end of a 20-year war in Afghanistan, the Taliban have immediately begun seizing power in the country’s capital, Kabul. Afghan refugees looking to flee the Taliban rule are being evacuated and need somewhere to go.

The Pentagon confirmed to reporters on Sunday that two locations in the U.S. would be ready to accept refugees if the need arose, Fort McCoy among them. The other camp, Fort Bliss is located in Texas.

According to reports, many of the refugees have applied for American refugee visas and have helped U.S. armed forces throughout the war making them prime targets for the Taliban.

The Pentagon confirmed that up to 30,000 applicants could be housed at the sites. The fort is located between Sparta and Tomah on Highway 21.

President Biden is expected to address the nation on the situation in Afghanistan at 2:45 p.m. today.

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