Reopen Wisconsin Public Poll

Where do you stand, Public Poll

On Saturday, we published an online social media poll asking our audience what they thought about reopening the the state. The poll allowed for people to choose between sheltering-in-place or reopening the state.

The results of that poll:

553 People reacted to the poll
59% – 329 People were in favor of Stay Safe and Social Distance
38% – 209 People were in support of Reopening Wisconsin

Throughout the day we received a lot of feedback about people wanting to see the state reopen with social distancing measures in place. After reviewing our comments and speaking to individuals on the matter, we decided to republish the poll with additional questions.

The goal of this poll is to gather a response from our area on what measures are supported.

Since publishing the poll, a large public gathering has occurred in Brookfield, Wisconsin in protest for the Governors extended Stay-At-Home order. Several county sheriffs have made public statements asking the Governor to revisit the order.

Poll Results from 4/18/20

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