Rembs Funeral Homes: Make a Difficult Time Easier by Planning Ahead

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) “When my mother passed away from cancer at our home last year, it was hard on all of us here at Rembs,” said Tami Jackan.

Together with her husband Greg, they own and operate Rembs Funeral Homes and Crematory. “It was some time after 2 a.m. when Greg picked up the phone and called our son Ted, and together they took her into their care and over to the funeral home.”

“For ten years our son Ted has always said he treats everyone like it was his own grandmother,” she said. ‘However, in the early morning of August 18, 2018, he went to his childhood home in Marshfield, his aunts and uncles present, and with the help of his dad took his grandmother, Naomi M. Pierce, into his care. This time, his funeral directing mantra became a reality.”

“We could have had another funeral home take care of Tami’s mom, but I knew deep down, no one could have done better than Rembs. This is what we do, who we are,” Greg added.

“What made it easier for Greg and I was having everything prepared ahead of time. It didn’t take the pain away when mom died,” Tami said, “but it made everything easier. There was a plan and my brothers and sisters knew what was going to happen, where the funeral would be, and the obituary was already written.”

If the death of a parent occurs before they have talked about their funeral wishes, many challenges can arise, such as the added pressure of figuring out what their mom or dad would’ve wanted for their service, disagreements between siblings and extra financial burdens put on the family. There are many stressors that can be avoided through a family discussion and/or meeting with a funeral director to pre-arrange and pre-fund the funeral before the time of need.

“At Rembs, we pride ourselves on making sure every family is treated with the kindness, compassion, respect and care they deserve while doing everything we can to meet the needs of every faith and financial ability,” said Greg, adding “We are extremely empathetic and understand every family’s situation is unique. We also take great pride in all four of our facilities and many of our families comment how warm and inviting our buildings feel, almost like their own home.”

Rembs has four full-time, fully licensed funeral directors, including a licensed crematory operator, cosmetologist, and insurance agent on staff – all of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“We offer several options for pre-planning you or your loved one’s funeral,” said Jackan. “We can meet you at any of our four locations or in the comfort of your own home.”

Rembs is a family owned funeral home. Their staff consists of owners, Tami and Greg Jackan, their son, Ted Jackan, son-in-law, Jake Dahlke, daughter and licensed cosmetologist, Allison (Jackan) Dahlke, and family friend, Adam Graveen. “We treat everyone who comes through our doors like family,” said Tami. “We truly believe you will not find a more caring and compassionate staff in the area.” Rembs Funeral Home has been serving families and supporting numerous organizations and charities in Marshfield and the surrounding areas for over 130 years.

Rembs also offers pre-planning guides for families to pick up, be emailed or mailed and filled out at your convenience. They also offer an online pre-planning form that can be found under the ‘Plan Ahead’ section of their website (

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.