Recreating the 1987 Video Cruise Through Marshfield

1987 Cruise of Marshfield 32 Years Later

Marshfield (OnFocus) A video cruise through the center of Marshfield in 1987 reveals an unmistakable familiarity for today’s residents, though many of the business signs have changed.

Uploaded to Youtube in 2009, the home video of the city provides a glimpse of some of the changes that have taken place the last 32 years.

In 1987’s downtown, the viewer can see a building where Hardacre Park now sits, a restaurant called Kris’s Sidewalk Cafe which is today’s Marshfield Family Restaurant, and even a Sears store. However, Mitten’s Home Appliance is still a recognizable fixture in downtown then as it is today.

After crossing today’s Veterans Parkway, the 1987 video takes to the north end of town where familiar fast food restaurants have remained in place. Chips Hamburgers can be seen where Taco Bell is today. Notably, the Marshfield Mall still housed K-Mart, plus the more recently closed JC Penney and Younkers.

Marshfield’s population hasn’t significantly changed in numbers between 1987, when the sign read 18,290 residents. The 1990 census listed Marshfield’s population at 19, 263, while the 2010 census was 19,118.

Kaylin S
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