Passing Train Stops for Ray’s Market Sausage

A train engineer made a stop in Colby for some Ray's Market sausage. Photo courtesy of Alan Gurtner.

Sausage at Ray’s Market in Colby is enough to stop a train these days.

This week, a train engineer called the store wondering if they could deliver him some sausage at the corner of Elderberry Road and Highway 13 on Wednesday. Back when the store was located in Unity a decade ago, he used to stop the train and buy a few items, then proceed down the tracks. The engineer hadn’t been in the area for awhile and was happy for the chance to stop and get some presents for Christmas at the same time.

Owner Al Gurtner readily accepted the request. He’s made all of the sausage since 1996 and today it remains a bestseller, especially the garlic sausage.

“That’s our claim to fame,” he said. “Everything is cold smoked.”

Ray’s Market was opened January 7, 1971 in Unity by Gurtner’s parents, from whom he bought the business in 2007. A fire in March 2009 closed the business until November of 2009, when it reopened in Colby with expanded products.

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