Rainfall helps local entities fill water reservoirs

2005 N Central Ave Lava Car Wash

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – With the substantial amounts of rainfall over the last month or so, a local business and fire department have been able to use the rain for a unique purpose.

At Weiler’s Convenience Store on Central Ave., the water used for the car washes comes from rain water that is collected from the roof of the building.

“There is a 9,000-gallon catch basin that uses rainwater from the roof,” explained Kelly Weiler, owner.

Not only does this give the company a way to reuse a natural resource provided to them, they are saving on average, 70 gallons per car that goes through the wash in water bills.

The Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department uses a similar system to catch rainwater and use it at the station.

“We collect the rainwater and store it in our 30,000 [gallon] cistern,” Fire Chief Scott Owen said. “It is used for various things such as vehicle washing, hose testing, apparatus bay floors, topping off the on-board water in our fire engines and truck, etc.”

As opposed to using a gutter system to guide the rainwater to the city drain system, the department is able to harness it and use it in multiple facets of fighting fires.

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