Puppies Found in Dumpster Reunited with their Rescuer, Mark Theobald

MARSHFIELD (OnFocus) Four weeks after being found abandoned in a dumpster, nine puppies were introduced to their rescuer for the first time.

Around noon on February 28, door-to-door sales rep Mark Theobald heard what sounded like crying kittens coming from a trash container. He alerted his boss, who called police.

“It was really cold and really snowy out that day, so I was looking around to see if the cats were in distress. The closer I got to the garbage can, the louder it got,” he recalled. “Something just told me to keep looking to see what was making the noise. It all happened pretty fast. The cops were impressive. They were there in less than ten minutes.”

Instead of the suspected cats, police found newborn puppies tied in a garbage bag inside the dumpster. The puppies were taken to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter, where they remain in foster care until old enough to be adopted. MAPS also has temporary custody of their mother.

Theobald has been following updates about the puppies on social media and in the news, but until Friday, March 29, had not formally met the puppies he helped rescue.

“I love dogs. When I found out they were all alive and they were all safe, it made my day,” he said. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know that they are going to make awesome pets for people. It’s an awesome feeling to know that they are going to bring joy to other people’s families.”

Theobald and his family, along with members of Marshfield Police Department who helped on February 28, enjoyed a special visit with the puppies on Friday. The puppies all have cheese-related names in honor of their Wisconsin heritage. During the visit, “Brie” took a special liking to he and his family, and will likely be joining their loving household in a couple of months – something he hopes for all of the puppies.

“I want them all to find happy families, families that are going to treat them like family. Look at them, how could you not treat them right?” said Theobald. “If it’s a life, does it really matter if it’s a human life, a dog life, a cat life? You’ve got to do the right thing. You’ve got to make sure that those animals are safe or those people are safe.”

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Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.