Public Works Debates One-Way Street by Community Center

2nd Street.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The Board of Public Works discussed two options to address the need for additional parking by the 2nd Street Community Center and library.

City staff provided two drawings for angled parking on E. 2nd Street which would form a one-way street by the Community Center. Traffic would be eastbound.

Option 1

The street can currently accommodate 9 parking stalls. The first option to increase parking is to create 16 angled stalls on the north side of the street, forming an additional 7 stalls from what is currently available. The design would provide room for a green corridor extension to tie in with the existing 2nd Street corridor across S. Maple Ave.

The cost to complete without any green corridor enhancement is $18,700. If adding concrete steps from the parking to the sidewalk, this cost would be $34,000.

A second option would see angled parking on the north side of the street while maintaining parallel parking on the south side, also creating 16 stalls. While this option has better alignment crossing the Maple Ave. intersection, the project would require replacing curb and gutter on the north side of 2nd street and comes with a greater cost, at $56,000.

Alderman Ken Bargender spoke in favor of option one. “This is something that’s really needed down there at the Community Center and library. Parking is at a premium a lot of times with any special event,” he said. “As we increase usage at the Community Center, we just need those extra parking stalls. Angled parking one way is much safer.”

Alderman Tom Witzel, speaking as a Common Council member, said he was vehemently opposed to either option. “Part of the issue is there are no parking markings on 2nd,” he said. “I think if we marked it, we would solves some of those issues.”

“I support anything that brings additional parking. Safety is a concern,” said Lori Belongia, Library Director. “We know people spend time driving around the lot waiting for a spot to open or they leave and come back later, or not come back later. We’re looking to have more convenience for the public.”

The item was for discussion only and no action was taken. Before next meeting, staff will look at how the City could lay out parking on a temporary basis.

Option 2
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