Public Hearing Being Held for Taxi Service

A public hearing will be held at the Jan. 22 Common Council meeting regarding the City’s proposal to increase driver hours for Marshfield Public Transit beginning in February.

The increase from last year’s 31,497 to 31,961, or 464 additional hours, will amount to about nine extra driver hours per week.

Running, Inc. has been Marshfield’s shared ride taxi service since January 2014. Due to high rider demand, complaints have been made periodically regarding long wait times. The extra hours are a step toward providing quicker service.

The public transit service is funded largely through state and federal grants, which covers close to 60% of the cost. The remainder is covered by rider fares. If grants and rider fares cannot cover the full cost, citizens could potentially be asked to make up the difference through tax money, but this is not expected.

A fare increase will not be part of the increase in hours.

Additionally, the Common Council will apply for a $75,000 Wisconsin Department of Transportation grant to cover the majority of the cost for the purchase of two accessible minivans. The vehicles will cost about $37,500, and if approved the most the City expects to receive is $60,000.

The riding service has seen more demand for the use of these types of vehicles to serve its disabled and senior clientele.

The Common Council meeting will begin at 6 p.m. with the public hearing scheduled at the start of the meeting. The agenda can be viewed at the City website here.

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