ProVision Partners Supplies Farmers, Consumers During Pandemic


As an agricultural farm supply, commercial and consumer co-op, ProVision Partners Cooperative is an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their feed, grain and agronomy divisions keep farmers supplied with animal feed and crop inputs, the ten Cenex convenience stores help supply fuel and gasoline to consumer business, their Country Store supplies animal feed to companion animals, and their LP Gas and fuel divisions helps keep people warm during April snowstorms.

“One thing I’m very proud of is we started immediately with our response,” said Rob Larson, General Manager. “We took it very seriously when there were just a few cases. We didn’t know where it was going, but we are very happy that we took it seriously from the beginning.”

Weeks ago, ProVision implemented plans to separate staff, by either having them work from home or in office with limited numbers and foot traffic. They also established updated protocol for their drivers and convenience stores, per CDC guidelines, and installed shields and other social distancing guides at their stores, feed mills, and offices. The Country Store began providing curbside pickup. ProVision also utilized their website and mailed newsletters to help communicate to customers the action steps being taken.

Larson credits excellent inter-employee communication and customer communication for their ability to put preventive measures into place so effectively.

“Our top concern is the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and our communities,” said Larson. “We are very grateful for our employees to be here to serve our customers.”

As farmers prepare for spring planting, Larson wants to make sure that ProVision is available to assist with any needs.

“We are just trying to make sure that we don’t have an outbreak in our employee group so that we can continue to serve our customers,” said Larson. “If something should happen, we want to make sure our team is there. I know we’ve implemented a lot of good precaution protocol.”

Larson credits the hard work of our employees and thanks ProVision customers for their ongoing support.

“I’m just grateful for the employee group that we have and our customers,” he said. “They’ve been great. To have a great company to work for and a great staff and customers along with that, with everyone working together, I’m very thankful.”

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