ProVision Partners Helps Farmers with Seed Treatment Process

ProVision Partners Cooperative is proud to be a local source for corn, soybean and other seed needs. Korey Sutton, ProVision Partners Agronomist and Auburndale Location Manager, is well-versed in the seed treatment process.

“Our treatment options include inoculants, fungicides and insecticides,” said Sutton. “The inoculant, which is the most important part adds the helpful bacteria to the soil that the seedling needs to nodulate to aid in nitrogen fixation. The fungicides and insecticides better protect the seedling from harmful pests, be that insects or fungus that attack the seedling.”

ProVision Partners works with farms on custom plans from start to finish, including farm visits and crop assistance from pre-planting to harvest.

“This goes from picking the right seed to plant, making sure we are properly rotating acres to maximize yield and profitability,” said Sutton. “This goes through a fertilizer and chemical plan, and advice as to when to harvest. So through the entire crop process, we are involved.”

The goal of the seed treatment is to not only help the seedling develop, but to protect it and in turn maximize the health and yield potential.

“Even a few bushel bump in yield due to the treatment more than pays for itself,” said Sutton.

Though detailed science is involved, the process itself is simple, First, agronomists weigh in the scale hopper the number of units that a grower wants to treat and then convey that seed to the treater. The treater has a tank where the seed treatment is mixed and then sprayed as the seed passes through. Next, the seed goes into a tumbler where it evenly coats the seed before then being conveyed to a container that is then taken to the farm.

“We have a number of seed tenders with automatic augers that we pull out to the farm and provide ease of use when filling the planters,” said Sutton.

Having grown up on a local dairy farm, Sutton graduated from UW-Superior and has worked with ProVision Partners since October of 2000, starting out in the feed mill and then moving to Auburndale in October of 2013. Being local, he understands the value of being a part of a local coop.

“Having a local coop is helpful as the more we can do locally the more we can keep costs down for the farmers and aid in logistics to have a timely product brought to them,” he said. “In turn, this helps with a better product and better yield. If the ag economy does well, this just adds more money to the local economy and aids in better food production for the public.”

Sutton encourages farmers to reach out with any questions.

“We can make soybean planting far easier and more efficient with the equipment and expertise that we can bring to the farmer,” said Sutton. “With competitive pricing, top notch service and products and the experience to back it all up, we can be a great value to any farming operation.”

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