ProVision Partners Cooperative Reflects on 2017 Highlights


Co-Op Looking to the Future

In 2015, Harmony Country Cooperative and Central Wisconsin Cooperative came together to form ProVision Partners Cooperative, which is member-owned. Together, the business offers farm supplies, fuel delivery, four convenience stores, lawn and garden services, and a CHS hedging office.

Since then, ProVision continues to grow. The year 2017 saw the completion of a few major projects and the start of new ones, capping off a great year for the co-op.

“One of the highlights of last year would be financial. We had a sales increase of about 8%, and a $2.5 million dollar return to our producers in equity revolvements, cash patronage, and age stock retirement,” said General Manager Rob Larson. “Since ProVision started in April 2015, our members have received $7.5 million dollars.”

The co-op saw the completion of several projects in 2017. These include the start of the agronomy dry fertilizer plant in April, the Cenex convenience store on Highway 10 near Auburndale in May, and the start of production of the feed mill in October. It also opened up a CHS Hedging Office in Stratford last fall, working with farmers on risk management programs and more.

“We help producers market their grain,” said Mike Raasch, broker. Through different marketing techniques, they can help enhance the price of products, and assist producers in ways to capitalize on the grain and dairy markets. “There’s managing risk and managing opportunity, and we’ll help you with both.”

ProVision Partners is one of Central Wisconsin’s largest propane retailers and set over 250 new propane tanks. They deliver fuel throughout Central Wisconsin, such as propane/LP gas, diesel fuels and gasoline, home heating, bulk oil, and kerosene. Its four convenience stores, the latest opening last May, all continue to be upgraded inside and out, Larson said.

(Watch the Cenex convenience store ribbon cutting here.)

The co-op is looking to the future with another major project in the works. Excavation began on its rail project to replace the old rail spur, located in Auburndale along old Highway 10.

“We’re excited about having that completed this year. With the new rail system, we’ll be able to bring in twenty-five cars,” said Larson. Currently, the rail spur can only accommodate eight. “It will be a safer rail system that gives us more flexibility to receive for all product lines, and provides opportunities for freight wholesaling, which means more savings and revenue.”

In addition to new projects, the co-op hopes to continue working productively as a business. “With our new facility in the future, we’re looking to be an efficient operation for our producers so we can cut down prices and provide cost savings,” he said.

That goal relies on the efforts of ProVision’s large staff. “One of most things we’re proud of is our extremely high-qualified staff,” Larson said. “We continue to perform at a high level.”

More information on ProVision’s extensive products and services can be found at its website.


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