ProVision Partners Co-op Helps Customers Control Fertilizer Costs

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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – ProVision Partners Cooperative is no stranger to helping local farmers and producers with their fertilizer needs. Though the current economic climate is challenging, the local co-op is helping control costs for their customers through a variety of methods.

“We work with our customers to calculate their needs for spring and contract those amounts to ensure they have the supplies they need,” said Tom Hoffman, Agronomy Division Manager at ProVision Partners.

Fertilizer prices rose nearly 30% in the beginning of 2022, following last year’s 80% surge. Soaring prices were driven by a confluence of factors, including surging input costs, supply disruptions caused by sanctions (Belarus and Russia), and export restrictions (China). For the last two years, the cost of retail fertilizer has shot up.

Most recently however, some plant food products (primarily nitrogen) had decreased in price; but this is changing daily. Considering the current uncertainty in the world, it may make sense for farmers to start looking ahead and begin committing to plant food needs for 2023.

ProVision Partners Cooperative offers dry and liquid custom-blended plant food, a full line of crop protection products, a broad range of seed, and soil sampling.

“We also provide plant food, weed and insect control and turf grass treatments for the lawn and garden, as well as pond treatments, and seed and plant food for pastures and wildlife plots,” said Hoffman. “And, as always, we provide premium products, from reputable supplies that we know from experience will garner the best results.”

Along with offering quality products, the ProVision Partners agronomy team is experienced and educated to help secure the best pricing for customers.

“Our sale team is always watching what is happening in the markets, both in agronomy and grain, to help our customers make profitable financial decisions,” said Hoffman. “For example, we will encourage our customers to commit plant food and other crop input needs, along with committing grain and milk prices, with the intent to lock in profit that makes good sense for the producer.”

ProVision Partners’ inclusive team of certified agronomists and custom applicators is always ready to assist, from crop consulting and nutrient management planning to custom spraying and spreading and variable rate application services.

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